The Best Skyrim Mods (2019)

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In 2019, there are numerous Skyrim Mods that truly take Skyrim to another level of Immersion, Gameplay, and continuously keep bringing me back for more adventures. 🏹

I have personally purchased Skyrim on multiple platforms (you're welcome Bethesda) and spent unreal amounts of time researching mods, testing mods, and creating Skyrim Mod lists each year.

In this video, I cover The Best Skyrim Mods in 2019 or my favorite Skyrim Mods that have had the greatest impact on the game for me. I simply cannot say enough about how amazingly fun these mods are. If you enjoy the video and love the Skyrim Modding Community, consider giving the Video a Like, Comment (with your favorite Skyrim Mod or Mods), and Subscribe to the Channel for more!

So whether you're a Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orsimer, or Redguard, this is a video that you want to watch all of.

I hope you enjoy my list of The Best Skyrim Mods in 2019 and let the nostalgia ramp up!


Vividian ENB ➔
Audio Overhaul ➔
A Quality World Map with Roads ➔
Immersive Armor ➔
Immersive Weapons ➔
Ordinator Perks of Skyrim ➔
Enhanced Camera ➔
Campfire Complete Camping System ➔
Sjel Blad Castle ➔
Diverse Dragons Collection (DDC) ➔
Lanterns of Skyrim All in One ➔
Game of Thrones Armor ➔

**** VANILLA SKYRIM NEXUSMODS PC Download Links ****
Vividian ENB ➔
Audio Overhaul 2 ➔
A Quality World Map with Roads ➔
Immersive Armor ➔
Immersive Weapons ➔
Ordinator Perks of Skyrim ➔
Enhanced Camera ➔
Ultimate Follower Overhaul ➔
Campfire Complete Camping System ➔
Sjel Blad Castle ➔
Diverse Dragons Collection (DDC) ➔
Lanterns of Skyrim All in One ➔
Game of Thrones Followers ➔
Game of Thrones Armor ➔

#1) 1:00 ➔ SkyUI
#2) 2:26 ➔ Vividian ENB
#3) 5:00 ➔ Audio Overhaul 2
#4) 7:03 ➔ A Quality World Map with Roads
#5) 8:32 ➔ Immersive Armor and Immersive Weapons
#6) 10:18 ➔ Ordinator Perks of Skyrim
#7) 12:00 ➔ Enhanced Camera
#8) 13:00 ➔ Ultimate Follower Overhaul
#9) 13:41 ➔ Campfire Complete Camping System
#10) 14:30 ➔ Sjel Blad Castle
#11) 16:04 ➔ Diverse Dragons Collection (DDC)
#12) 16:59 ➔ Lanterns of Skyrim All in One
#13) 17:27 ➔ Game of Thrones Skyrim Mods
Question of the Day! ➔ 19:24



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DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission.

  • Josh Burns Tech

    Announcement! For everyone who has been asking for links to Skyrim SE versions of the Mods, I added a new section to the Description of this video titled "SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION NEXUSMODS PC Download Links". This section contains links to the SE versions of the mods, which only a couple were not available in SE. I am completely blown away by everyone taking time to comment on this video and have found out about mods that I never knew about, because of each of your comments. Let's keep the train rolling! I am going to create some Mod specific videos soon, where I focus on a single mod or group of mods that all relate together. Again, thank you so much for your support and love that you have shown this video! 😁

  • dazzrz tg

    "Adds perfect graphics and design"Then adds aome random shrek mod

  • Fiza Shah

    I miss skyrim already.....its been 5 mins

  • kevin r

    Wow! I've already played over 800 hours of Skyrim, and I am still finding mods that I haven't tried yet. Good video.

  • Katelynn Graham

    My favorite mod is The Forgotten City. It's an award winning mod that adds an entire questline(6-8hrs of additional gameplay), new location & some really nice enchanted Dwarven armor to the game.

  • Jason Irwin

    I personally love campfire/frostfall. Those 2 mods make Skyrim feel bigger and more real.

  • Misha Rogerson

    I literally forget SkyUI is a mod it's that essential to me. I guess that would constitute it as my favourite mod.

  • CorvegaZip _rocket

    These videos always make me wish I had a pc

  • landenthe70s

    Is there an in depth lord of the rings mod just like game of thrones one


    Use a mod called "quicker projectiles", its so great ever sense i installed it i just cant bring myself to remove it. It makes bows and stuff so much better. It's not my fav mod i just think its under rated and wana share.

  • guilhermekfwst

    I wanted some mod for better spells... Thought you'd recomend one of them... Anyway, great video, I'm going to download all these mods, except the GoT ones.

  • Sen Howler

    This video is sorely lacking in smart blue cats.

  • Mazequax

    Is he actually wearing a Gucci T-shirt? :D

  • Andre Luiz

    man, i personaly LOVE the mods from mihail, those creatures made the game harder, and smarter, not just that but made me really feel like i'm selecting what i'm going to conjure, not just conjuring the stronger thing i have for my current conjuration level.another mod i like is the alternate start, it made my game a lot more funny, because now i can really create a history behind my character.realistic needs and deceases is another mod i must have installed.

  • Ya boi God

    Nobody ever mentions the “walk the same speed as NPC’s” mod and it’s one of my favorite subtle mods

  • Mongo mit Bart 1987

    I love mods like Time flies (makes crafting much longer and everything really takes time), timing is everything (lets you set your level when certain situations start like the cultists) or experience (changes the gameplay so that u dont earn experierence by weilding your sword, you actually have to complete a dungeon or quest to earn your points). Also SkyrimSouls that makes it so much harder to pause because there is no more pause, when u type the esc button. And some other immersion mods like open civil war, the parthunaax dilemma, immersive npcs in the dark, better ai for npcs, etc etc. Plus Enhanced lights and effects for more atmosphere and darker nights. And death alternative for some situations that trigger when u die or get captured. The list goes on and on :D

  • reformedsix c

    Immersive armors and immersive weapons are necessary on anyone's mod list.

  • Unknownsick 1st

    I can't seem to find immersive armors when I search on pc.

  • Bin Kuhl

    This paper map reminds of oblivion 😍😍

  • hossmobile

    I haven't tried Vividean or the dragon mod. Going to have to give them both a try on my next play through.

  • I Am Cheree

    Feel like this is lowkey ASMR. His voice is soothing af lol

  • Freddie Mercury

    One of my favourites is Sauron's armor and mace from LOTR

  • Montblanc

    For follower overhaul I personally prefer Extensive Follower Framework, it does the same that UFO does but more polished and less buggy. In fact a lot of trustworthy community modders advise you to not install UFO or AFT but to use EFF instead.

  • Lee La

    I love Skyrim as much as the next person, but I’ve been looking through the comments and no one has mentioned your shirt. Is that a real Gucci shirt? I can now thoroughly enjoy your video sense I’ve asked that question.

  • Bruce Anderson

    The castle in the mountain Mod

  • Gonzalo Prieto

    I've played +100 hours and I've never used a mod. I guess I'll give it a try

  • 0 SS

    I dislike skyrim alittle but with mods its my favorite

  • Darth Staydogg

    Maybe u can tell me I want skyrim for the pc I jus started playin games on the pc sense I can use a playstation controller so where in the hell can I get skyrim for the pc.

  • I'm no good

    Is this a real gucci shirt lul ? Great vid regardless, Love discovering mods; also is this Ciri’s clothes ? Amazing

  • The King Of Noobs

    Did you know that skyrim were going to be a game of thrones game?

  • bocconom

    As one who is new to Skyrim SE and never having modded before I appreciate your video because the number of mods offered is overwhelming to say the least. Did you use an organizer such as Vortex or Mod Organizer 2?

  • gabe

    take a shot every time he says mod. RIP

  • z0h

    I was with you until you started talking about Immersive Armors/Weapons. Those 2 mods are so outdated and poorly kept. The textures and models are severely outdated, alot of the armors have problems with weight sliders, clipping, and models. Theres even a glove that will crash your game. The weapons are also poorly textured and i can't say either mod is immersive. Some of it is straight from Witcher, while some of it like the Witchplate set looks like something Nvidia would make. Both of those mods need to go back to 2012, and the only reason they have so many downloads is because they were the first of their kind, and ever since then everyone says to download them without comparing, "more is better right?" Do your game a favor and try "Common Clothes & Armors" by Franklin Zunge. Its 10 times better and the armors are so well done you can barely tell a difference between the games original armors and clothes. As for weapons, try "T'Skyrim True Weapons" pack by Mnikjom, its a collection of all of the best weapon mods.

  • Adam

    17:41If only he knew just how sad he would actually be...

  • The Panacea

    Im making a mod at the moment. "The great immersion overhaul" Still not done but its possible to try the early version on nexsus 🙂

  • Hank Schultz

    I love the mod that makes the moon the death star.

  • Eldridge clever

    Honorable mentions: Dragon Soul Relinquishment, Immersive College of Winterhold, Bob's Armory, SMIM, Skyrim Flora Overhaul, Immersive Jewelry, Hunterborn, Sands of Time, CACO, Wearable Lanterns.

  • Horns holding hellishly hot houndini's

    One of my favorite Skyrim mods is Inigo

  • Mitchell Moffitt-Neich

    I loved Ordinator until its little brother Vorkii came out. It's perfect for those who prefer a much more vanilla experince, but with perks that should have always been there. Though i have yet to play Sjel Blad Castle (looks epic by the way), I love Whiterun Stronghold. The main living area is small enough to get around quickly, but large enough to not feel cluttered, though not fully fleshed out yet.


    This game is a living entity in itself...a immortal

  • mark davies

    skse is allways a must have and for mod testing i have addinem menu


    Very nice vid man.. I'm about to start a new game today and install these mods

  • cinderblock321

    Your the reason I play Skyrim

  • Nat The NoU guy

    So I literally forgot skyui was a thing lmao it's just default for me these days! I personally love advanced armour / weapons just because it adds much more diversity to the weapon and armour pools

  • Anthony U

    Are these only for pc? :(

  • todd cabaniss

    Don't know of many enb mods aside from the ones everyone knows already. Did find a weather mod called cathedral weathers that is pretty nice so far. Let's you change the picture color, climate, seasons and stuff. Can't say whether I'd call it great or sub par yet but the options are nice. Lets you adjust to where it looks good in any moments your enb may not manage to do that. Could just need a different enb in my case, I suppose.

  • Shadow Angle

    I miss Bank of Skyrim...

  • Yannick Luecker

    No VIGILANT!? Boy, you've been missing out...

  • Destero

    I miss all my mods in your mod-list, god dangit! :D

  • Cameron Ashley

    My favorite mod is Rigmor of Cyrodiil


    Just reinstalled skyrim, sadly missed the free special edition upgrade as missing a dlc, going to install all these mods, are these all compatible with eachother?

  • TheRAMBO9191

    inigo mod is so good its currently the only mod that made me cry, hearing what background the author gave inigo and the story of his parents brought me to tears. last time i cried from a good story was last of us with the ending as a video game and the end of iron man robert downey jr legacy so damn good. all started with him and giving him a second chance with movies after his drug issues :( :( but i digress.

  • Ariel Boysen

    My favorite mod has got to be Tk Dodge. It's the stepping stone to evolving combat in Skyrim imo.

  • Visual

    what if i have skyrim special edition will these still work because when i try to install to nexus mod manager it says i do not have skyrim

  • Jenna Sempai

    Legacy of the dragonborn & Inigo

  • Allan Idelson

    So, are you telling me, that after 4000 hours os Skyrim there tons of things to see ?ooooooh boy~

  • Ainsley Spongebob

    Has anyone else here installed the "Halls of dovandor " mod

  • Matti Outta this world

    Enderal is my Favorite Mod. The Atmosphere is amazing and it's so beautiful. Who hasn't played it yet, really need to give it a try

  • Makayla F

    Your accent makes me feel at home

  • Kenneth Carazo

    Some small but fav mods of mine, candle light toggle (instead of time limited)Wards cost lessBigger trees Quiet dungeons (trust me, it’s way creepier than vanilla, especially if you get a lighting mod that makes everything realistically dark should there be no light sources)

  • FBI

    Get Ryas Unique home mod it is lit asf

  • Disciple Toki

    Dude, I think I love you.

  • Bubba BCH1011

    Colorful magic is my favorite mod have you heard of it

  • Frank Petruzzelli

    Thank you for this brother !

  • Alidon

    You should review alidons ultimate armory 😃

  • Gettriggered _Ian

    Best Skyrim mod: Immersive Immersiveness.

  • Ruth Stewart

    And we are not even done with 2019 no regrets.

  • Ashley Selander

    Convenient horses mod is one of my go-to's, though it does seem a bit cheaty sometimes hehe

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