Skyrim Lockpick (Animation)

A little flash animation I was working on lately ; )

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  • Black Ice

    Well that' way to open a door. Just be careful cuss that shouting will make people nervous.

  • Reborn666skull

    0:53 (o3o) (pat pat)(-_-) ..?(o3o) fus.(O_O)'(>w<) RO DAH!

  • The IndorPool

    Legend says, the khajit still is still using shouting for opening doors

  • EggHeadTheFirst

    Someone needs to acknowledge the fact that sometimes after a group of guards kill you, one would say “Wait, I know you...”

  • aserta

    Cool, cool. But once you figure out the system, it's pathetically simple to pick..old one was better.

  • xXSilentAgent47Xx

    She should've used the Skeleton Key.

  • Grim

    When you brake 50 lockpicks and find only a hide armor. True story.

  • Brano

    Omg that "fus" <3

  • JustGamingYT

    shoots arrow “Hey!”sneaks in front of him “I must be hearing things...”Me: giggles

  • Sasha Carter

    He shouldn't of let his guard down

  • PlagueOfGripes

    I really enjoyed that. Also, female orange kitty character is my Skyrim secret.

  • Umbreon Ackermann

    0:30 the parenting look on ur first child. The parenting look on ur second 0:34

  • TheNN

    Failing at Novice Locks: The Animation :p

  • Izaac Goudreau Reloaded

    How it feels to chew five gum.1:00 Five gum, stimulate your senses.

  • Tristan Halbert

    But what happened to his chair?

  • WeirdoOverlord II

    That... Shouting. It's making people nervous.

  • Hannah Bowman

    I love the facial animations and the fluidity of the movement, but dang you need to work on how to draw breasts. They aren't just stuck-on lumps

  • fA0w0x

    So did she touch his crotch making him go into a fit about personal space?

  • Crash's Underwear

    Nothing like an anthropomorphic cat with a supersonic scream to wreck someone's day. (:

  • The Fox of Knowledge

    To be fair, Khajiits are a very interesting race and well... I'm always a khajiit, because their cool and very sneaky. Also you don't see much khajiits in the game. Just in trade caravans, bandits you have to kill and J'zargo from The College of Winterhold. I'm the first khajiit to be anything really. Vampire, thief, assassin, werewolf, companion and the list goes on.

  • Leviko_SL miura99

    Khajiit are the best 💕

  • Sumtinrandom

    Notice how this 4 y/o animation aged really well?Its becouse of skill.


    this scene takes place in dragons reach, whiterun

  • Just An Edit

    This needs to be implemented as a game mechanic immediately

  • bRyOnY JaNe

    Everyday gaurds die from fus ro dahs over 1 million die plz dont go on killing sprees lol

  • David Pruiett

    did her eyes turn blue when she said Fus or am I seeing things

  • cynthicy

    that is something to think about why cant you just shout locked doors down

  • Izaac Goudreau Reloaded

    Khajiit has wares, if you have coin.

  • PrincessPeachFan 2014

    Dude, she could just had FUS RO DAH into the door.

  • PetersonArt

    Your art is amazing, please do more! Specially kitties like her... does she have a name? <3

  • Kingbosphorus

    I love it why are you stoped with youtube

  • DoktorKebab

    And of course. the Khajiit is the thief. THANKS FOR FULFILLING THE STEREOTYPENext I suppose you'll have a swimming Argonian!

  • Bonnet [FNAF: SL - kind - crush: ???]

    Me when I run out of lockpicks even though I had 25 just 1 minute ago

  • Kohlimar 64

    I am professional lock picker

  • Chatham Reed

    Cat's wag there tails when there in DISCOMFORT not when there happy :-[

  • Cheesus Crust

    That moment when you break a master level chest only to find two gold and an iron war axe in it...

  • KayleeDaGamer

    I love this animation too much

  • Jose Cardenas

    Wait I thought u can be guys only I never knew u could be a girl in this game?!?!?!?!?

  • Elena Sallee

    Khajiit awesomeness peopleI don't play with khajiits though ._.

  • Jose Cardenas

    Too bad that never works

  • ͦ͒̚oke

    I hate it when i am wasting 100+ lockpicks on a chest only to get 16 gold and a crap piece of armor

  • Jack The Ripper

    Click the door and use console unlock finish

  • •Haxxy•

    Hold on!"player.additem 0000000a 99999999999999"Now you can have a much lockpickMe:........ok

  • The Picklestein Monster

    that Fus came off extremely suductive

  • jnsgarland8187

    I miss the good old days of Skyrim in fallout three new Vegas specially when they were famous on YouTube all the funny mods like Thomas the tank engine

  • Wojciech Gawryś

    well that's some good shit from Poland

  • Sam Mac

    ah, the memories... ONE DAY I WILL SURPASS YOU. ONE DAY.

  • Luciano Martinez

    Oh please, what kind of sneak thief only has 3 lock picks 😂😂😂

  • Invisible Ink

    #relatable #wish you could do that in game

  • Andrew Willis

    Guard gets back up, calmly walks to the khajiit"That... shouting, its making people nervous. I'm going to have to ask you to stop."

  • I like sweets

    You have commited crimes against skyrim and her peoplewhat do you say in your defense?

  • Nicro Looes

    I used to be a sitting guard like you...........until a cat broke my knee.

  • WorldOfTanksFan 111

    You have committed crimes against skyrim and her people what do you say in your defense?

  • Adab-ı Muaşeret Yoksunu

    150.000 like 13.000 yorum commented. very interesting.

  • David Pruiett

    I'm surprised none of the other guards heard her

  • Nucularburrito2

    The other guards on the other side of the room"Did you hear something?""Probably just the wind"

  • Sam Mac

    best game best animation about that game

  • Jose Cardenas

    I had to lockpick a master door and I waisted about 112 picks and on my last one I got it open and there was a chest.The chest had 19 gold and 1iron helmet I got so fucking mad I used a lot of picks for nothing like really

  • 89BlackGatomon

    vanripper im pretty sure your could with this kind of video get extreamly popular =3

  • Slender Spy2

    i need to ask you to stop. that. shouting, it's making people nervous.

  • Pierce the Bri ._.

    My cousin's out fighting dragons, and what do I get? Guard duty.

  • David Pruiett

    Guard that fuss to dod say: wait I know you

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