Skyrim Lockpick (Animation)

A little flash animation I was working on lately ; )

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  • Cheesus Crust

    That moment when you break a master level chest only to find two gold and an iron war axe in it...

  • Andrew Willis

    Guard gets back up, calmly walks to the khajiit"That... shouting, its making people nervous. I'm going to have to ask you to stop."

  • Brandon Beagle

    40 bounty added to whiterun1000 bounty added to whiterunlast witness killed, 1040 bounty removed from whiterun

  • The Gaming Duck

    Legend says, the khajit still is still using shouting for opening doors

  • TeaTimeMFS

    who in oblivion carries 3 lockpicks on them?

  • Maddie Boulis

    You have slain legendary dragons, vampires, jarls, emperors, and other Dragonborn, single-handedly ended a war, toppled governments and bandits alike, conducted international espionage, and became leader of every organization in the land. The daedra and aedra themselves bow to you.“This door requires a key to open”

  • Thermoplaye φ


  • za Rodinu

    Dragonborn in 2019Operator: 911 what is your emergency?Caller: yeah so some guy just shouted my friend off of a cliff!Operator: he......... shouted? And your friend just fell off the cliff?... *hangs up*

  • fatravingfox music lover

    This animation style is the BOMB!!

  • Adolf Hipster

    When you open a master level chest with 70 lockpicks and you only find 100 gold and 3 potions...

  • David Pruiett

    did her eyes turn blue when she said Fus or am I seeing things

  • Umbreon Ackermann

    0:30 the parenting look on ur first child. The parenting look on ur second 0:34

  • filqpy

    50 bounty added to whiterum

  • MC King

    Poor guard. Slept for hours and woke up to getting Fus Ro Dah'd through a door.In fact, he did sleep on duty...

  • Brendan Lowe

    Twist: the door wasn't locked, it was just stuck.

  • Mike Potter

    When youtube recommended you a video that you already watched years ago...

  • Nucularburrito2

    The other guards on the other side of the room"Did you hear something?""Probably just the wind"

  • AetherResonant

    This is a god damn CLASSIC. The joke never gets old, and it always keeps me chuckling.

  • Geoffrey Cudahey

    “My ancestors are smiling at me Imperials, can you say the same?”

  • PokeZelda Kart

    i used to be a lockpicker like you, but then i got an arrow to the knee

  • xXSilentAgent47Xx

    Should've used the Skeleton Key.


    That... Shouting. It's making people nervous.

  • Bangtan Blink1995

    Heres Skyrim logic for you: Has gone to Sovngard and come back to tell the tale. Can shout Nazeem into the Cloud District. Defeated Alduin, Miraak, and the Sormcloaks/Imperials. Joined all factions in Skyrim and now leads them all. Yet you cant break down a door that requires a key...

  • Aidan Wilson

    I love the mildly seductive “Fus” followed by “RO DAH”. Still one of my favorite Skyrim animations to this day.

  • Blade TheElectrowolf

    I love the guard once he’s like “Huh... what you want?...” “Fus.~.... “OH SHI-“ “ RO DAH?!”Guard: x_x

  • Adam The Pie guy

    video's khajiit: * uses unrelenting force to use a guard to knock down a door * ral the character i use when i play skyrim: * breaks 20 lockpicks to get into a master level door *

  • Sumtinrandom

    Notice how this 4 y/o animation aged really well?Its becouse of skill.


    this scene takes place in dragons reach, whiterun

  • Mock Nugget

    Expert lockpicking players real enemy: You can't pick this lock, it needs a key

  • Fromage Du Pays

    Me : welp, she's just gonna steal the keyHer : fus ro dah

  • Nathan Steele

    When you find an Expert Level on the locked door

  • Connor Scott

    Who only has three lock pics, I've got like five hundred.update; its been over a year and people still comment on this every single day.

  • bin

    How to turn 8 million people into furriesStep 1.>this

  • Mudkip with a Gun

    The next video reccommended to me was "Can you pick the unpickable lock?"

  • Random Person 202

    Why not just steal the key of the guard?

  • NEW :D BIE

    Click the door and use console unlock finish

  • DoktorKebab

    And of course. the Khajiit is the thief. THANKS FOR FULFILLING THE STEREOTYPENext I suppose you'll have a swimming Argonian!

  • Chillyconmor

    she should've just quick saved before attempting a master lock

  • CrossSansGaming

    i wish i could use Unrelenting Force to open life would be so much easier

  • DatKakagetaBoi

    No one:Speedrunners: so what im gonna do is use a wooden bowl to enter the void then spawn in apocrypha and one shot mirrak with a bucket in this exact position because he will step on it causing it to freak out and shoot towards his face with 5x the strength of a giant when the smash down and i will beat the Dragonborn dlc stream chat donating 2 bits to say wtf

  • absolut dunkman

    The 1900 dislikes are the guards of Whiterun.

  • Hunter Otte

    If I were the guard:(Wakes up) "What? Why is-"Her: "fus"Me: "Didn't catch that, but while your whispering in my ear could you-"Her: "RO DAH!"Me: "SON OF A BI-" (out cold for 20 minutes, wakes up) "At least no-one will ever know."

  • Maureen Johnson

    This always makes me laugh! I love it. I think it might be my favorite Skyrim meme/animation. Especially since I always play Khajiit.

  • K.I.S.S Gaming

    a second khajiit walks up to guard khajiit has wares, if you have coin

  • Crystalic fire

    And here I am, opening master locks at level 3 just to find 50 gold, a steel weapon and banded iron armor

  • Nex 13

    I used to be a adventurer like you then I got fus ro dah into a door

  • Thanos’ Snap

    (Door requires key to unlock)

  • Jargon Madjin

    An image of this character shows up when you try to search Katia Managan, the ironic part? Katia doesn't know how to lockpick

  • WorldOfTanksFan 111

    You have committed crimes against skyrim and her people what do you say in your defense?

  • xXSilentAgent47Xx

    She should've used the Skeleton Key.

  • Blind Wolf

    Me: watches itMe: subscribesMe: let's look at what other videos they have...

  • Greena Skaria

    1:01 anybody is going to comment about how great that scared look of guard looks?

  • David Pruiett

    I'm surprised none of the other guards heard her

  • Cold Spaghetti

    Why can't this actually work ;-;

  • The Pickles

    that Fus came off extremely suductive

  • 89BlackGatomon

    vanripper im pretty sure your could with this kind of video get extreamly popular =3

  • MrFoxPlay

    You reminded me of dying light lockpick ... Fking dying light mechanic.Edit: Basically a survival game lockpick mechanic in a nutshell

  • Marielena Potts

    Every now and then when I chat to the guards they'll say "go fiddling with any locks around here and we're going to have a real problem"(So far my lockpicking level is somewhere in the 70s by now, and I carry like over 400 lockpicks lol)

  • Sasha Carter

    He shouldn't of let his guard down

  • Stolen Sweetroll

    I'm Going To Ask Stop that Shouting Is Making People Nervous."It Won't Happen Again"Good Glad We Got That Straighted Out.

  • Midnight Dragon

    (When you saved your game in skyrim)Dragonborn: LET THE MADNESS BEGINS!!!!

  • Japan

    Why not just pull a Tom and Jerry Stunt by asking for the keys and then knock out the guard

  • ksagames

    I thought she would seduce or kiss the guard....Damn, i need to clean my brain.

  • ShadowHunter120

    "Fus"Oh hell n-"RO DAH!"

  • Rigna Tetris

    Cattheif: FusGuard: Oh shi-Cattheif:ro dah!edit: if only that worked in the real game.

  • Edward Burton

    Walks up to ear : Fus..... R O. D A H - kajit dragonborn

  • Fox art Anime

    warior : (Woke up and found fus ro dah welcome from the cat...) cat: >w<(i Want to have the next watching episode 555 kidding!)

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