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  • Thicc Theophilous

    "Get that garbage out of here"-ryu this episode probably

  • Magdalena Barrantes

    24:01"It literally feels like there is a guy behind the scenes like jerking it back and forth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

  • Starlight Ocean

    Me and my sister Katelyn watch all of your mario maker videos together. It's how we spend most of our time together at home. We love your channel and humor. Keep uploading because you do make a difference in people's lives. Your amazing ryu !

  • Mick Gorro

    1. 初心者にはちょっっと厳しい120秒スピードラン 時間に余裕あり | Shoshinsha ni wa chottto kibishii hyakunijūbyou supīdoran jikan ni yoyū ari | 120-second speedrun that is a bittt strict for beginners there is leeway on time2. クッパ様ムリです | Kuppa-sama muri desu | Impossible for Mr. Koopa3. 初のスピードランコース!初だがちょっとムズめ?SPEED RUN | Hatsu no supīdoran kõsu! Hatsudaga chotto muzu me? SPEED RUN | First speedrun course! Is it a bit hard [for] the first time? SPEED RUN4. 右手に盾(L)を<=>左手に剣(M)を [Life or Luigi] | Migite ni tate (L) wo <=> hidarite ni ken (M) wo [raifu oru ruīji] | A shield in the left hand (L) <=> a sword in the right hand (M) [Life or Luigi]5. 謎解きお化け屋敷〜隠されたジャンプ台〜 | Nazotoki obakeyashi ~ Kakusareta janpu-dai ~ - Mystery haunted house ~ Hidden jump platform ~6. 10秒チャレンジ! タイムアタック! 〜目指せ新紀録〜 | Jū byou charenji! Taimu atakku! ~Mezase shin kiroku~ | 10-second challenge! Time attack! ~Amazing new record~

  • Slayer Rocker 83

    Super Expert, lets dive into some hot garbage!

  • luis taco

    You should play more of his levels. He seems to be really creative

  • Syyr553

    If Ryu can't beat it, nobody can beat it.

  • Jordan Bean

    YO that Luigi level was incredible! And that troll level masquerading as a one screen puzzle was a great change of pace as well.I know part of the deal with your Super Expert videos is that they are "no skip" but the Japanese New Sup speedruns have gotten way too tedious at this point. You always sound disappointed when you get them so I think it'd be more fun if you skip them.Great content!

  • Iain Flett

    28:48 In the top left corner there is almost definitely a DEV-Star.

  • Kuro Manson

    That Luigi level was so cool! I wish there were more clever levels like that. Poor weegee haha

  • hamorigyuri

    yo.I just realized you only have 160000 subscribers, even though I've been following you for at least half a year now. I thought you had millions, because you are so good. I mean... I do not own a wii u or even a ds, and I still watched every video you have. Most of them twice. You earned that play button :D

  • David Shen

    I'm pretty sure that guy made hello baby, a level Carl played

  • Caleb Clavell

    ryukahr - The King of Kaizo

  • Jayden Campbell

    Is it just me, or is the audio ahead of the video?

  • Merendel

    I'd be curious to see what that guy did on the Luigi level to pull off that back and forth canon ride segment.

  • Michael Klipper

    The Life or Luigi level was amazing! I think I've seen that creator before (SReNT)... it might have been from Carl's videos. You should definitely check out more stuff from that person. EDIT: I posted this before I saw the end of the video. Good stuff.

  • Aqua

    I just want to say this again , i subbed as some kind of support , im sorry i dont have a way to donate but i hope my 1 like and view in every video of yours helps , i really enjoyed your videos , and im surprised to see a channel with less than 2 years old getting that much of subs and views and comments , everyone here likes you and the videos you make , you already stole me when i misclicked your video , but im so happy that happened , your videos keep me alive , i even keep rewatching your channel everyday , it became a part of my life now xDIm sure many of your subs dont even play the game , even i cant play it , but your content is worth watching, you have everything needed , so chill and funny and also learning fast and even if you fail you keep trying until you win and you still win , i love that so much!!!You are worthy ryukahr , i read that in every donation i see in your stream videos and i agree with everyone said that , keep on going ryu , i will be here waiting for every video you upload , you are the best youtuber ever !!!!Thanks for everything ♡

  • MATTierial

    That Luigi level was SO cool. You should reach out to that guy and do more levels from him :)

  • Robert Barber

    You 100% need to play more of that creators making my way through your vids and that level was brilliant...keep up the great vids Bud!

  • beasty mcbeast

    why all the hate on luigi,? is it because you know he's better than mario?

  • Cole Bloomfield

    “It feels like there’s a guy behind the wall jerking it back and forth” -Ryukar

  • Boy10Dio

    I don't even play Mario anything at all, but goodness me it's some kind of guilty pleasure watching you take on these super expert levels lol

  • Sweet Tea

    I really doubt you’ll see this but you murdered that first course and i gotta sub to see more mario maker, absolute god you are man.

  • joey hicks

    9:31 me when we learn a new standard in math

  • V3R1TA5

    Ryukahr have you ever played unfair mario?

  • hassan nassar

    When you almost got the flag pole but got kaizoed 😂😂 and then killed by the bullet

  • Andrew

    I'm the guy jerking it behind the scene.

  • Exposé

    Nintendo made a bad choice of releasing Mario Maker in japan lmao

  • John Zuleta

    I got a question… somebody could tell me if ryu has played the level “item abuse 3”. That´s the hardest level I ever see.

  • Celestial Vestibule

    "Is it weird that I'm kind of excited?" -This is what Super Expert Stockholm Syndrome sounds like lol :)

  • Joris de Kleer

    14:30 starts the level he refers to in the title

  • Andrei3253

    That japanese creator is awesome, Carl already played "welcome baby" and its a great and funny level.

  • Ousovi

    If ryu replies I will send him in the the mail aldi cheddar cheese

  • Adri Dagata

    Hiiii from Uruguay!!Hola desde Uruguay!! I see yours videos all days. Thanks you!

  • The Greek Geek

    Poor luigi... I think that level wanted to show us how awful luigi's life is and how his brother gets all the fame and all that!

  • Obie Flice

    "This level is a-maze-ing"

  • kimscarlettohara

    Welcome to kaizo land! ( or hell )

  • #FallenAngels ArePretty

    Ma...Ryu and Peach ♥ XD

  • Kyo Gaming channel

    DREEP!!!lnsert Dreeps here 👇

  • zolika1351

    13:31 What happened in life 67?

  • Danzignan

    That was so close at 10:49 ! :o

  • Aqua

    I was waiting for this video xD

  • Carlos Olvera G

    Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy......

  • Edgar Julian Escobar Gomez

    Congratulation for your youtube Award, Keep it up

  • Dino Spumoni

    Man I've never played Super Mario Maker but I've watched a ton of videos/Twitch streams and that Luigi level is one of the best levels I've ever seen.

  • Chris Speth

    Ryu, if you see please say hi.

  • House Station Live .com

    @30:45 pfff peach congratulating you while you juste were killing hundreds of luigis.... so disappointing ^^

  • SweetHyunho

    Mario world has become so deep I feel like there should be a college on this.

  • ImOreoSticks

    11:00 you got played 😂😂😂

  • super guys

    Play mario vs computer table tennis in mario maker pls like if u agree

  • Dishank Hanwate

    U only thanked the people who are watching his video what about the other subscribers

  • Aqua

    You got some of the best levels there xD i kept laughing so hard hahaha nice video ryu ^^

  • Cameron Adamowicz

    Nice GPB shirt Ryu! Glad to see creators supporting creators!

  • JustinBrownGames

    Super Mario maker ID 89D3 0000 0361 2116A puzzle challenge for Ryu Oshi grand poo and all those who dare to try it.

  • XsneakyXdragonX

    Ryu when you speed up videos I know that you are really just putting on fake enjoyment because we don't want to go through the pain of 100 mario's dying even though the JAPANESE speedrun levels are so often and very hard to do. Your a PRO Ryukahr so just do it and save princess peach again (for the all 0's after 9 that come) (9 billion) (9 Trillion) etc.

  • Felix Haederle

    Try my new level! EAC4-0000-0360-1CAA. It's hard and cheese proof.

  • Ben McDonnell

    I will like this comment, You said it DO IT NOW

  • Dax Hallman

    All Japan All The TimeLevel 1: This Level is a Bit Strict for Beginners 120 Second Speedrun There's Plenty of Time - by ☆hide★ ♪ μsяLevel 2: Thanks Koopa! - by Ryuuka (If they wrote their name with a hyphen at the end, it would sound the same as Ryukahr)Level 3: First Speedrun Course! Is It a Little Tough the First Time? SPEED RUN - by Kai-chanLevel 4: Right Hand Shield (L) ↔ Left Hand Sword (M) [Life or Luigi] - by SЯeNTLevel 5: Mysterious Haunted House ~Hidden Jump Base~ - by JEYDLevel 6: 10 Second Challenge! Time Attack! ~Try to Set the New Record~ - by HAKAISIN

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