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  • MATTierial

    That Luigi level was SO cool. You should reach out to that guy and do more levels from him :)

  • Thicc Theophilous

    "Get that garbage out of here"-ryu this episode probably

  • Kuro Manson

    That Luigi level was so cool! I wish there were more clever levels like that. Poor weegee haha

  • Jordan Bean

    YO that Luigi level was incredible! And that troll level masquerading as a one screen puzzle was a great change of pace as well.I know part of the deal with your Super Expert videos is that they are "no skip" but the Japanese New Sup speedruns have gotten way too tedious at this point. You always sound disappointed when you get them so I think it'd be more fun if you skip them.Great content!

  • Cole Bloomfield

    “It feels like there’s a guy behind the wall jerking it back and forth” -Ryukar

  • Slayer Rocker 83

    Super Expert, lets dive into some hot garbage!

  • Noob

    You should play more of his levels. He seems to be really creative

  • Syyr553

    If Ryu can't beat it, nobody can beat it.

  • David Shen

    I'm pretty sure that guy made hello baby, a level Carl played

  • V3R1TA5

    Ryukahr have you ever played unfair mario?

  • CringeWorthyBears

    I will never get over the “yyyYYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHH” lmao

  • hamorigyuri

    yo.I just realized you only have 160000 subscribers, even though I've been following you for at least half a year now. I thought you had millions, because you are so good. I mean... I do not own a wii u or even a ds, and I still watched every video you have. Most of them twice. You earned that play button :D

  • Starlight Ocean

    Me and my sister Katelyn watch all of your mario maker videos together. It's how we spend most of our time together at home. We love your channel and humor. Keep uploading because you do make a difference in people's lives. Your amazing ryu !

  • Robert Barber

    You 100% need to play more of that creators making my way through your vids and that level was brilliant...keep up the great vids Bud!

  • Merendel

    I'd be curious to see what that guy did on the Luigi level to pull off that back and forth canon ride segment.

  • John Zuleta

    I got a question… somebody could tell me if ryu has played the level “item abuse 3”. That´s the hardest level I ever see.

  • Lucha Libre Calibre

    ryukahr - The King of Kaizo

  • Boy10Dio

    I don't even play Mario anything at all, but goodness me it's some kind of guilty pleasure watching you take on these super expert levels lol

  • Haris Tirmizi

    "It literally feels like there's a guy behind the scenes jerking it back and forth"-Ryukahr, 2017

  • Mick Gorro

    1. 初心者にはちょっっと厳しい120秒スピードラン 時間に余裕あり | Shoshinsha ni wa chottto kibishii hyakunijūbyou supīdoran jikan ni yoyū ari | 120-second speedrun that is a bittt strict for beginners there is leeway on time2. クッパ様ムリです | Kuppa-sama muri desu | Impossible for Mr. Koopa3. 初のスピードランコース!初だがちょっとムズめ?SPEED RUN | Hatsu no supīdoran kõsu! Hatsudaga chotto muzu me? SPEED RUN | First speedrun course! Is it a bit hard [for] the first time? SPEED RUN4. 右手に盾(L)を<=>左手に剣(M)を [Life or Luigi] | Migite ni tate (L) wo <=> hidarite ni ken (M) wo [raifu oru ruīji] | A shield in the right hand (L) <=> a sword in the left hand (M) [Life or Luigi]5. 謎解きお化け屋敷〜隠されたジャンプ台〜 | Nazotoki obakeyashi ~ Kakusareta janpu-dai ~ - Mystery haunted house ~ Hidden jump platform ~6. 10秒チャレンジ! タイムアタック! 〜目指せ新紀録〜 | Jū byou charenji! Taimu atakku! ~Mezase shin kiroku~ | 10-second challenge! Time attack! ~Amazing new record~

  • Iain Flett

    28:48 In the top left corner there is almost definitely a DEV-Star.

  • Fingerdash68

    finally a great japanese speedrun

  • Pronator Tendon

    Honestly who could dislike this?

  • Jayden Campbell

    Is it just me, or is the audio ahead of the video?

  • Michael Klipper

    The Life or Luigi level was amazing! I think I've seen that creator before (SReNT)... it might have been from Carl's videos. You should definitely check out more stuff from that person. EDIT: I posted this before I saw the end of the video. Good stuff.

  • David Girtman

    let's try to get him that gold play button guyshe brought us quality goods

  • hackingpro

    the best level ever in an all-japan run? oh, how ironic.

  • Trev ツ

    I really doubt you’ll see this but you murdered that first course and i gotta sub to see more mario maker, absolute god you are man.

  • Isaac Peters

    Ryukahr: okay we're making progressThwomp: 8:34 get nae nae'd

  • mAsTaDeUcE

    That Thwomp sending you to Hades in your clown car had me rolling hahaha!

  • Augie Caban

    "I feel like theres a guy in the background jerking it back and forth"-ryukahr 2017

  • ImOreoSticks

    11:00 you got played 😂😂😂

  • Low Moral Fiber

    Your calm positive demeanour is very refreshing. Great vid and some crazy levels!

  • Err Bor

    120sec while its 11:20am watching this Random?I dont think so

  • SonicForce

    The Luigi level was better than incredible Apart from when ryu died

  • FalcoFury

    Ayyy I love your videos, recently found you and I've been binge watching like crazy, you're so good! Also I have the same headphones! They're the best.

  • jked

    Keep making these videos man, they always make my day <3 <3

  • Turboturtle Fan WAW

    Thank you for all the high praise. I put a lot of time into my levels and it really means a lot. Thank you

  • me goldfish help

    8:33Top 10 saddest anime deaths. Number 10

  • side stream

    You've well earned it, ryu. At the last new years eve, we got kinda bored after the fireworks at some point and started watching your videos for more fun. Keep it up.

  • Obie Flice

    "This level is a-maze-ing"

  • Michael Villeneuve

    I can't wait for him to get the 1 mil YouTube play button. He actually deserves it.

  • Steven Regan

    Watching 2017 Ryukahr no skips in 2019 (to catch up on what I missed, being that I wasn't subscribed back in 2017), is FUN... Because this content is still new to me... And like everyone else said, yo that Luigi Level was GREAT!! --- Also, it was so COOL that I just happened to be watching a random old video from years ago, and stumble upon the video where you got the Silver Play Button ( 32:02 ) -- so, even though it's old news now, CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Adam G

    i love coming back to watch these old vids. always great content!

  • Danny Rodriguez

    I don’t even know how some of those things were possible in the Luigi level but it was freaking amazing!

  • Ben Williams

    Really enjoyed watching you!! Thank you 🙂👏👌💙

  • Edgar Julian Escobar Gomez

    Congratulation for your youtube Award, Keep it up

  • joey hicks

    9:31 me when we learn a new standard in math

  • Wafflest Waffle

    I got a commercial for a cheese company called Sargento while watch this. From that moment, I knew it was meant to be.Ryu × Cheese

  • Eduardo Bogosian

    You should probably mirror your image so you look in the right direction on screen. When you're looking at the timer, you're looking at nothing. IDK just makes it a bit weird.

  • GlitchReaper

    "Life or Luigi" was the best Super Expert level I've seen since "Mount Kilamario!" I think "Life or Luigi" is my new favorite.

  • InversedDragoon

    That Luigi level was such a roller coaster of emotions, amazing 10/10

  • kaminatorXD

    This editor trolling us 😂He fast forwards the "boring" run ing in the 3rd level, BUT has him waiting the full duration of the P Switch in normal speed.

  • subwayvesubscriber

    Feeling pretty happy right now. Ryu, you're so amazing, you never fail to make my day better! Keep it up <3

  • Boon Ballooon

    Ryu:Maybe I'm just garbage...Me:Can't complete an easy run

  • CrazySpidey8002

    7:17 BRUH! You got a world record, ryukahr!


    10:58That reaction was so real that I reacted as well!!!Too good!!!Always love watching this videos at 1.5 speed.

  • Claire Pendragon

    how in the heck was the luigi level made? how can u control him, and make him an enemy, etc?then the peach clown cart...just wtf

  • hassan nassar

    When you almost got the flag pole but got kaizoed 😂😂 and then killed by the bullet

  • Rhodrx

    If ryu replies I will send him in the the mail aldi cheddar cheese

  • Gregory Place

    That Luigi level was awesome! Play more by that maker please!!

  • Celestial Vestibule

    "Is it weird that I'm kind of excited?" -This is what Super Expert Stockholm Syndrome sounds like lol :)

  • Srcsqwrn

    I'm so frustrated that MM2 is not out yet. I regretted selling my Wii U, because I only played it for MM. It was the only game I had, and then I sold it. I have been anticipating this game, and it's SO SOON! I wish I could just sleep until it's release. :PCongratz on the button, and the channel, and it's good to see it's still going strong since this date!You're super entertaining. I started watching for the Mario Maker content, but I subbed for your personality!

  • HOF Excuse Maker

    10:07 when that Hammer Bro shot out.. LMAOOO!!And then the second one? Bruh 😂😂💀

  • Shadow Dominguez

    puts playback speed at 0.25 at 8:41 LOL

  • Joakim Berg

    I don't know how you do it, but since I started watching you I have been watching every One of your videos, I am looking for old ones too, you are so addictive. Keep Up the Good work. :)

  • C Bears Life

    That Luigi // Mario level was brilliant. And hilarious.

  • Iced Tea

    New to your channel and i like your videos. You have to admit you were salty about thag last one lol. Like how could it be challenging with so little effort put in ;)

  • Kyo PR

    DREEP!!!lnsert Dreeps here 👇

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