How to Get Rich from Manufacturing 💰 Fallout 4 No Mods Shop Class

This video is a follow-up to the last video on Manufacturing. I'll show you how you can actually earn caps and make a profit from manufacturing. It's a little trick not many players know about, but it can be done completely fairly without any duplication glitches, console commands, or mods. Hope you enjoy!

✔️out the sequel vid:

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◦ Manufacturing Intro:
◦ Must Know Tips:
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  • Skooled Zone

    Hey all, be sure to check out the sequel vid where this entire process has been fully-automated:

  • mad mike

    Yo this guy brings out the full nostalgia of 2014 YouTube not super loud all the way though the video actually doesn’t want to copy other peoples content and actually cares about the content he’s making

  • Tsar Fox

    If you wanna make tons of money in Fallout 4, jet and water are the key to success (Companies and criminals already figured that out in real life). Build as many industrial water purifiers as you can in Sanctuary and/or really anywhere with a large water source (The Castle works too). All the excess water goes into your workshop in the form of bottled, purified water. You can get hundreds of bottles worth thousands of caps every few days or so. You can pretty much bankrupt every trader with each load, or find a weapons dealer and convert your water into weightless ammo and fusion cores.As for the jet, scavenge a ton of plastic, and build a trough for Bramin at the settlements they show up at. These seemingly useless cows will fill your workshops with fertilizer. Use your chem lab to make tons of low-weight, high-value jet (all you need to make it is fertilizer and plastic). Sell it to vendors and congrats, you're now a successful drug lord. And with Addictol, feel free to get high on your own supply (just not in front of Piper, Preston, and the other straight-edge companions). Follow one of or both of these strategies and you'll have more ammo and money than you'll know what to do with.

  • Vaperius

    Literally making loot boxes.

  • Todd Jr Nelson

    What about calling your patreons "honor roll students"?

  • Simian Inc

    Hey Paul, you could setup a conveyor loop with a diverter that keeps lunch boxes on the loop and stores all other items. Put a conveyor laser tripwire that activates the stationary gun trap positioned to shoot the boxes. Dont know if paintballs work to open the lunch boxes, but if they do, now you would have no ammo cost and a fully automated process to farm items from lunch boxes! Gonna try it after I get my contest build submitted to you in the next day or two.

  • jakeTM

    What an insanely humble YouTuber. That's a rare thing to see on this platform! Your personality paired alongside the FO4 content makes this channel awesome! I hope to see you continue stuff like this with Fallout 76! You earned a new sub, tonight, my man!

  • Bee Rind

    Can also turn them into bottlecap mines, worth more from vendors

  • Darth Ghost

    Shared your vid, on Fallout 4 Settlement Building facebook page. Guy was asking how to get more money. hehe. I get notification this morning for your vid, 5 mins later see his question. haha when it works it works hehe 😀

  • Jedi Clone Mark

    Man! This is the coolest thing I've seen with manufacturing. I got rich by selling clean suits, I have about a million caps, so I won't be doing this for profit. But I will definitely be doing this to farm Robot Models until I have enough to display a table-top model Army. Thanks so much for teaching this Prof. Paul. You're the very best!!

  • Saraphiene Haldritch

    OMG Paul this was a great video!! Thank you, I never thought of this. Absolutely awesome video!

  • Robert Snell

    Out of all the fallout 4 channels, you are in my Top 3 favorite's. It's a breathe of fresh air to see someone who can just appreciate the base game for what it is, with very little complains ever. Also. You're creativity with the settlement materials is basically unmatched.. Great job! 👍👍

  • Menacer

    I would never have thought of that. That's why I love your channel.

  • Ches L

    Name your Patreons, The Student Counsel

  • PlasmaBurns

    ~ player.additem 0000000f 100000000 enter ~You can manufacture bottle caps and skip the middle man. Become the Federal Reserve of Fall Out and print money out of thin air.

  • XoRandomGuyoX

    Ice Cold Quantum was my favorite. A great way to maximize this is to disarm Tin Can traps. Each one gives you 9 cans, which is 18 steel, for 6 lunchboxes. Dump all the cans into your press and enjoy.

  • David Watts

    Could call your patreon teaching assistantsWhats your luck at? Im wondering if it has anything to do with the odds of whats inside. I remember your luck playing a part in the preserved pie claw machine. Also i dont think the lunchbox takes up weight. If it dont, unlimited ammo for the junk jet maybe?

  • Openchipmunck 79

    I think the vault tec lunch boxes weigh nothing so you can carry as many as you like

  • Arris VonBorne

    I want you to know: you're the main push that forced my decision to play this game again unmodded. And finish those frelling dlc achievements and force those homes to accept NEW FLOORING! And roofs.

  • BurntLizard

    If you increase your luck will you get better items from the lunch boxes?

  • jedi472

    Another great video. Please keep doing this Paul

  • Mr. E

    After watching it a few times, i noticed you can tell the dud from the full ones becouse it asked you to " (A) Take" it, all the duds never prompted you to take them again. See time on vid of 18:48 at that point he is wacking the duds and the only one to have something is the one that prompted him to take it.

  • Radar Rider

    Paul, Remember too that if you have scavengers stands in each of your settlements then I'm sure you will not need to purchase steel.In fact I was thinking about increasing each of settlements to 2 scavenger stands instead of 1.Excellent video as always.

  • Gillean Lazelle

    I think the lunch boxes sell for 6 caps each

  • Bee Rind

    Also, love the Benny Hill track 😁

  • Trevor Storm

    The lunchbox has a value of 10 when selling to a vendor, so you'd get 10 caps per lunchbox.

  • Hencewurth

    you deserve way more subs

  • Justin Brockway

    This will be great for survival when I’d rather not go scavenge for caps in containers. Thanks Paul! #GetRichQuick

  • Ellie

    A good game for fallout like the ones in nuka world would be to have lunchboxes lined up on a shelf and having a conveyor belt taking the prizes to the winner...i'm going to work with it a bit tonight.

  • Alexander Bell

    Great way to make money. Just another great video.

  • Dawson Holliday

    you could call your patrons your honor students. Note that plan on becoming a patron myself soon. Although what you call your patrons will not affect that.

  • Martin

    Maybe you haven't got many subscribers but you got loyal ones. That is the most important thing.

  • Boba Fett

    I'm not sure how it works, but it seems like the game knows when you are reloading, and then lowers your chances of good things. I've gotten through most of some areas, and then had game crashes, or need to quit because of the kid, and then when I am able to go through an area again, everything is worse than before. ie before there were 2 legendary enemies, but the second time none, ect. I don't know if it is a psychological thing were I only remember when things are worse.

  • Joe Morita

    Gave this a try this morning, fun! I never got anything better then a Nuka Cola (Luck 1, 83 lunchboxes (250 Steel Shipment)). I was able to get all lunch boxes to reopen multiple times, at least 4 times each! No duds! I setup a vacuum hopper (just to adjust the output timing) connected to a storage container conveyor. I put these on a switch, dropped in my lunchboxes, and hit the switch to start the belts. I moved over to just past the connected belts, used a combat knife, and hit each as it passed by. :D I'd then grab the lunchboxes in the storage container, and drop them back into the vacuum hopper. I'm assuming that higher luck gives better loot.Keep up the great work!

  • Mimmikyu

    What if you tripwire up the conveyor belt with a tripwire gun to automate the process even more!

  • Ricky Loki

    Great series bud!. Thx for all the knowledge bro, the skoolz has made me love this game all over again! Can't wait for the next one, TRULY great work as per sir, sub for life!.👍

  • Ozgur Yildirim

    This method cant be use to collect money. Firstly it is not efficient. Even you found a core in them, the sell price will be very low and the total cash that vendors have will be very few. Secondly the time you spend for this method can be use to loot near places. More valueable junk or items can be collect around in 10 min or less. And not sure if you can make all machines in early game. You need generators, stacked meterials and enough level/perk to build these machines. So at early game it is not efficient. LASTLY. It is a cheat. Usage of bug. I am not saying cheating is wrong. But if you decide to make cheat you can add much more with simple console commands or mods.

  • GoofyOldGuyPlays

    I couldn't help myself. I had to become a Patron on Patreon. Keep up the good work!

  • Just a Lobster

    If you want to name your patrons off of a school theme, then maybe call them the cool kids. You know, the patreon supporters could be the cool kids.

  • Games Precise

    The world's most conveniently placed pool cue.

  • Polkarou Gaming

    finally somebody doing something tutorial without being some over the top personality.

  • IAMJELLOW 123456789

    I now this is not related but are you going to finish fallout 4's story

  • Colonel Boris

    What is this black magic?!?

  • Boba Fett

    You could call the patrons the honor roll

  • Dennis Verbruggen

    Does the amount of Luck u have affect the items u get?Great video btw!!!

  • Ivo Baki

    i got so much steel il be filthy rich :D

  • Leezus Ladell

    Awesome vid keep it up

  • cooldrummer jack

    Still watching the channel skooled zone 😀Btw when I get enough I’ll become a patreon :)

  • Sunset Rider

    This is pretty cool ( it I still prefer a water farm). I had no idea you could shoot them to open them. If you toss a grenade will that open a bunch at once?

  • wil wintrode

    best name for patrons is honors students lol

  • Fabertastic

    This actually isn't exactly the best way to make money with the lunch boxes, as they only cost 3 steel that's 3 caps (i think), well if you checked the value of the lunchboxes they are 10 caps, so they are basically free caps if you dont open them and just sell them... Its so much easier to just sell them than have to save and reload to open them all again if you dont get anything good.

  • Nero0

    You can also open them with grenades!Just toss a whole bunch of them into an enclosed pit and drop a grenade and close the trapdoor :DSome of them will be duds though, and some will get blown through the walls (unless you make 'em really thick I guess)

  • Looniper

    Fun - but you can multiply the value of your steel by 8 by just having Chemist 1, making it into poisoned caltrops.1 steel is worth 1 cap, 5 of them make 1 poisoned caltrop worth 40.It is less 'cheat'ish and a lot faster.

  • Francesco Casillas

    Once you farm them, turn them into bottlecap mines, I don't know how many caps you get from the mines or by selling the lunchbox, or selling the mines, but either way this is a brilliant way to get some caps for a small price!

  • Tyler Adams

    You can shoot open the boxs to craft I never knew that

  • kucfuoy kiclssa

    My game crashed after 20 minutes but I already played for four hours before i remembered your video an I am on survival so putting together material took a min but I got a lot just in that time span very easy tip in survival more people need to know ! Thank you ! Thank you thank you !

  • RaViNaTOR GaMiNg

    A good patreon people name would be The Patreon peeps or Patron squad, patron famm!??

  • Vallen Lysonder

    Will an explosive open the boxes? Can you dump a ton into a room and then blow them up?

  • Clay Arnaud

    Nice research but, issue I see with your process is the time involved in production. It’s a lot easier producing purified water. It took me a while to figure out the regeneration of it but, one can yield thousands of purified water every 5 minutes and use it as money. Once you have science 5 and strong can fast travel to wherever you want to “Spend”/“Sell it”. This is of course for higher levels but, The other way at low level is to build a melon farm and sell them to Ms. Abernathy at 5 caps apiece.

  • Dogs Sing

    Why not just feed the steel directly in the lunchbox maker? Is there a production bonus to doing it like that?You should just make 5 of them to speed up the process and cut out the steel conveyer thing

  • MortemRemains

    Did you try the paintball gun trap to open the lunchboxes?

  • Sean Bradshaw

    LOL that's terrible getting refilled lunchboxes! Ridiculous and awesome.Could you.. setup a laser tripwire, to trigger a weapon trap to shoot the lunch box automatically as it went by, then use a sorter to separate the lunchboxes from the prizes and recycle the lunchboxes.

  • Bee Rind

    The prizes from them are news tho, nice job sir 👍👍

  • Sunset Rider

    Now use a mini nuke to open them!

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